Car MOT Test-Here Is What You Need To Know

by | Jun 13, 2023 | Wheels & Tyres

Vehicles that are 3 years old or more, have to pass an MOT test. This test assesses whether a vehicle meets minimum environmental standards and road safety, without dismantling it, at the time of the test. The test does not include the condition of the gearbox, clutch, and engine. It is also not a guarantee of the general condition of a car. The earliest date your vehicle can have an MOT test will be shown on a MOT certificate. Typically this will be up to 1 month prior its expiration date. A MOT test is performed at authorized test stations. This can be identified by a blue sign with 3 white triangles displayed outside the premises. If you are looking for MOT testing in Totnes, there is a reputable garage centre that provides this service.

MOT Testing for All Makes and Models Performed by Expert Mechanics

A reliable garage centre that provides MOT testing for all makes and models of vehicles are performed by expert mechanics. Mechanics offer great value for your money and exceptional customer care as well as a re-test for free within 10 days for any vehicle that fails to meet the requirements on its initial assessment. Expert mechanics work hard and with a pre-MOT inspection, current emissions compliance, annual assessments of minimum standards, along with the option to undertake tests up to 28 days in advance, they make sure your vehicle is in optimum condition prior to each inspection.

MOT Test Includes the Following:

* VIN Matches Vehicle Registration Plates

* Fuel System Is Efficient and Safe

* Mirrors and Lights Are Undamaged and Horn Works Correctly

* Seatbelts Operate Correctly and Fitted, Seats Are Safe and in Good Condition

* Windscreen Is Not Damaged or Has Weak Points and Water Bottles and Wipers Function Properly

* Steering and Suspension Are Well Maintained

* Vehicle Emissions and Exhausts Levels

* Tyres and Wheels Are Properly Fitted and do not Have Excess Wear

* Brake System Is Responsive and Safe

* Condition of Body and Doors Are at Acceptable Level for Assessment

What Happens After a MOT Test?

After a MOT test the results is entered into a central database. An MOT certificate will be issued to vehicles that have passed. The computer record is the actual proof of a valid MOT, with the certificate simply being a receipt for the test. Vehicles that fail will have to take another test. Vehicles that pass can simply drive away. Your MOT will be valid for 1 year from the test date. Go to website for more details on MOT testing.

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