Are you preparing to make the once-in-a-lifetime investment of buying chair lifts in Guildford? If so, you should not rush things! The key to finding a mobility aid that lasts a lifetime is determining your budget, needs and physical ability ahead of making a purchase. Designed to give you peace of mind, these products can be fixed to a staircase and controlled with levers, knobs or buttons. Make your money go further by taking the following things into consideration.

Your Financial Situation

Sit down and calculate your budget for chair lifts in Guildford to avoid getting into financial difficulty by purchasing something that is supposed to make your life easier. It’s a good idea to find out if you are eligible for financial assistance with specialist equipment first. If a local authority is unable to assist, ask the provider of mobility aids if you can pay monthly or even rent chair lifts as a way of easing financial pressure.

Your Physical Ability

If you suffer with a condition that is expected to affect your everyday life for a long period of time, opt for chair lifts in Guildford that are crafted to suit your needs. For example, pay attention to the power source and decide what form of control would be best. Rocker switches, joy sticks and arm controls are the most popular control choices. A through-floor-lift is a recommended chair lift design if your condition may result in wheelchair use. Can you bend your knees properly when seated? This is something else you need to think about, so that you are completely comfortable when using the mobility aid.

House Design and Dimensions

Finally, choose chair lifts based on the design and dimensions of your property. Each product will vary in size and so you do not want to risk it not fitting on the staircase due to poor planning. Are there any banister rails, large objects or radiators near the staircase? If so, the person installing it might face difficulty. Remember that the chair runs along a track and if this track becomes obstructed in some way, it won’t be able to function properly. Should you be unable to take dimensions yourself, ask a provider if they can send someone to your property to do it on your behalf.

Whatever your needs for chair lifts in Guildford, Bentley Mobility won’t disappoint with their competitively priced products.