Hiring Employment Solicitors in Portsmouth After Losing Your Job

by | Jul 22, 2015 | Law

Have you recently been told to bid farewell to your work colleagues? If so, you might be over analysing the situation and wondering exactly how you ended up in this situation. Unfair dismissal is a common reasons for people losing their jobs and as a result, employment disputes tend to erupt. Dealing with a dispute alone can be daunting and confusing, which is why it’s a good idea to work with employment solicitors in Portsmouth when you’ve been given the push. With good representation, you can win your case and obtain satisfactory compensation to cover your losses.

Claiming for Unfair Dismissal

Even if you have been made redundant by the company you work for, you could still be entitled to some form of compensation. Unfair dismissal is the term used to describe a case that relates to an employment contract being terminated early. The circumstances surrounding an unfair dismissal case can vary, but if the employment solicitors in Portsmouth find out that certain procedures were not followed, chances are you will have a claim! Unfair dismissal is not to be confused with wrongful dismissal, which is when the contractual notice period is not acknowledged by the employer.

Signing the Compromise Agreement

Did your employer ask you to sign a compromise agreement when the contract was terminated? Before you can sign a compromise agreement, you will be required to provide details about the solicitor you hired for representation. Remember that you are entitled to independent advice from employment solicitors in Portsmouth and it could greatly improve your chances of winning compensation for an unfair dismissal case. Click here to know more.

Tax Benefit Possibilities

Although this is a proven fact, you would benefit from consulting with employment solicitors in Portsmouth to make sure that the final payment is “ex gratia”. If it is not “ex gratia” you will not be eligible for tax-free treatment and the employer might not be obliged to fund you for losses. Should you still be slightly confused about the subject, it might be worth getting in touch with someone working at the Citizens Advice Bureau about your tax benefit possibilities, as this could save you time and a lot of head stress.

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