Do you know just how beneficial concrete is to society? The fact that it is used to build tunnels, schools, houses and roads says just how useful this material is. So useful is It, that it is recognised as the most used man made material in the entire world. Concrete is used in much larger quantities than most metals, woods and plastics. Just because it is so versatile doesn’t mean that you can use just any old equipment for concrete pumping in Cardiff, though. After tracking down a reliable company, decide between the following pieces of equipment to get the job done to a high standard.

Boom Pumps

You want to get the concrete in the right place, don’t you? In order to do this effectively and with no pumps, jobs for concrete pumping in Cardiff should be conducted with a boom pump. The individual who is in charge of operating a boom pump will do so by touching a remote-controlled arm. The power at which it operates depends on precisely what model you choose, but generally a boom pump will be able to deliver concrete at speeds that range from 5-100 cubic yards per hour.

Line Pumps

Another option you should pay some thought to before concrete pumping in Cardiff commences is a line pump. Unlike a boom pump, a line pump has the ability to churn out concrete at 150 cubic yards per hour, or more. The great thing about this type of machinery is that it can be cleaned and maintained with ease, due to the fact it has a simple design. Most parts will not corrode easily and this makes line pumps a popular choice for structural concrete projects. Planning an underwater concrete job? If so, the line pump is for you, because it is extremely versatile and portable. You can visit here to know more.

Buying Tips

Asking questions before you buy or rent equipment for concrete pumping in Cardiff could save you money and hassle. The equipment marketplace is considerably varied, therefore to find what you are looking for the seller should be willing to tell you a little bit about each machine, what it is capable of, how much it costs per day or hour, etc. Always ask the seller what type of concrete mix the machine can handle, so that unexpected delays can be avoided.

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