Beautiful windows give every home a clean, open and welcoming look. For homeowners in Kent, choosing from different options in windows will be essential to match your d├ęcor as well as to provide the functionality you need with windows in every room of the house.

A very popular option for any style of home is aluminium windows. Depending on the age of your home and the architectural style, there are options that range from very traditional heritage style of homes to very modern options. This allows these windows to be ideal for all types of applications from Listed Building Renovations to New Build projects.

The Insulating Factor

While the aesthetics of these windows are one of the initial factors that draw homeowners to these versatile windows, there are several additional benefits to consider.

An important consideration for the cold winter months is the insulating advantages of aluminium windows. They can be fitted directly into the original timber sub-frames of older homes as well as into brick and stone. With professional installation and the design of the windows themselves, heat loss and condensation issues can be dramatically decreased with this window option.

Low Maintenance and Long Life

As opposed to the traditional wooden window frames, aluminium windows require virtually no maintenance over their life cycle. With the choice of aluminium sills, there is really nothing required other than routine washing to keep them in top shape.

Aluminium is naturally resistant to any type of rotting or corrosion, and they will last for decades. In addition, there is no risk of warping with these windows, a common issue that can occur with both traditional wood and with vinyl windows.

As a lightweight yet very strong material, aluminium makes a good choice for windows for your Kent home. With various designs, styles, options, and features to choose, The Window Sanctuary offers a top selection for your consideration.