In and around Kent, particularly in older homes, there are two main types of windows. This includes casement and sash windows. The difference between the two is in how they are opened and closed, with casement windows swinging open like a door, which sash windows slide up and down or in a horizontal fashion in the window frame.

Both of these kinds of windows are traditional, but they are also offered in modern styles for contemporary homes. When either original or new windows are damaged, making the choice of replacing the window or opting for sash window repair, typically starts with understanding the price difference.

Older Sash Windows

Older sash windows made with wood timbers are prone to several common problems as they age. This can include the wood surrounding the window swelling with exposure to water, resulting in the inability to open and close the window easily if at all.

Another common issue for sash window repair occurs if the wood around the window begins to rot and allows the window to begin to rattle with the wind. Unfortunately, these issues cannot be easily corrected, and a professional familiar with sash windows needs to be called in for repair.

Other issues can include warping which prevents opening of the window, as well as breakage of the glass, cracks, chips or other similar issues.

Repair or Replace?

When considering the cost of sash window repair, be sure to get estimates from a professional familiar with the requirements for conservation areas in Kent. Typically, repairs are slightly less expensive than full replacement, but only if the window is in generally good shape and it is not likely to require further repairs in the future.

It is a good idea to also check with a new window company familiar with the laws for the conservation area. A top company in the area is The Window Sanctuary, and they can provide a quote for full replacement with a window that meets the standards requirements of your Conservation Officer.

Plan to visit The Window Sanctuary showroom in Kent if you are considering new window replacement or sash window repair. For directions and information, see us at