Most Common Types of Blinds

by | Mar 9, 2018 | Home Improvement

The different types of window blinds aren’t something we normally think about. They aren’t like curtains, which are sleek and possess some degree of luxury to their design. Blinds are almost completely practical in nature, meant to do the job of a curtain, without needing to look fancy. However, that does not mean that different types do not exist, quite the contrary, as there are many kinds of blinds out there. If you are looking for blinds in Chudleigh, you may want to know what the most common types of blinds there are on the market. For the answer to this, read on.

#1. Aluminium

For those that want privacy, as well as durability with their blinds, there are aluminium blinds. These blinds offer almost complete control over the light in a room coming from outside, since aluminium is so thick, and keeps out all light from outside the window when fully covering the window. They are ideal blinds for anyone who wants to have control over the lighting in a room.

#2. Vertical blinds

These are the blinds you see over large, wall sized windows or glass double doors. The main appeal of this style isn’t just its light control, or even the durability of the individual blinds (which are impressively durable for material that thin) but rather for how easy to clean and maintain they are. For those who want even more light control than the normal variety, though, there are alternative forms with wider spaces between each blind. And these spaces are adjustable, making light control far superior to their average counterpart. This does make them more expensive, though, so keep that in mind.

#3. Wood/faux wood blinds

So, let’s say you want blinds, but the earthy toned colour scheme of your house wouldn’t allow for them. And of course, you don’t feel like repainting an entire room just for some blinds, so you want an alternate solution. For those in this situation, there’s wood/faux wood blinds. These blinds come in myriad different forms, such as birch, maple, or even bamboo. These blinds are perfect for rooms with natural wood settings, like your kitchen, porch, or den.

These are the three most commonly used type of blind, but there are many more out there. If you want help finding blinds that suit your home perfectly, check out the experts at Rochelle’s Curtains & Blinds for more information.

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