Stair Lifts: Great for Giving You Back Your Independence

by | Apr 22, 2014 | Health & Fitness

If you have lost your independence, whether it is because of your old age or because of a recent injury, you may struggle getting around the house. You may need some assistance getting up and down the stairs, and you may need some assistance getting around the house. Many people choose to hire home care nurses to help them around, but this can be problematic if your home care nurse only visits a few times a day. A stairlift can help you out a lot in this instance. You don’t need to worry about getting to the bathroom, the bedroom or even up the stairs in your yard, and this is very beneficial to those who just need that little bit of extra help.

Outdoor Stairs

Disability stairlifts in Barnstaple also come in outdoor alternatives. A trained professional will come and install them for you, but in most cases they may need to take a look at your area to make sure that the stairlift is right for you. Some stairlifts can only be installed on straight stairs, whereas others are intended for stairs that curve or bend. Whatever your reason, outdoor stair lifts can be a great investment. You can even install them outside your front door, so you can gain access to your home without any worries at all. Many people also choose to have them installed in their back yards, helping them gain access to raised areas such as patios and BBQ areas.

Remote Control Features

Some stairlifts come with button controls. These buttons can be installed on the side of the stairlift, or on the arm of the chair.  This allows the user to control the lift without any assistance. You will also find that some stairlifts come with remote controls, which are often connected to the stair lift via a wire. In this instance, batteries are not required so the user never needs to worry about their batteries going flat when the stairlift is in use. Whatever model you choose, you should always make sure that it comes with the safety features you need to feel comfortable. This could be anything from a seat belt to a foot rest or even foldable arms, so you always have a range of choice to choose from.

Somerset & West Country Stairlifts Ltd is one of the top providers when it comes to disability stairlifts in Barnstaple. They have a model suitable for everyone, with installation services also available.

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