The Benefits of Getting Your Scrap Vehicle Recycled

by | Apr 22, 2014 | Industrial Goods and Services

If you have an old vehicle sitting in your driveway, then you should consider getting it recycled by cash for cars in Cheltenham. When a scrap metal service recycles your car, they don’t just recycle the metal. They recycle as much as possible, constantly searching for new ways to economize their services. Cheap cash for cars service will recycle as little as possible, taking your money before sending most of your vehicle to a landfill. If you want to do your part for the environment, then you should choose a service which recycles around 70% of the total car.

What Can Be Recycled In a Car?

When you send your car to be recycled, your car goes through a process designed to recycle as much of the car as possible. In most cases, the fluids are removed from the car. This includes everything from the engine fluid to the petrol, brake fluid, gear box oil and even the screen wash. This liquid is then converted into other usable alternatives. For example, the engine oil can be sent to make conventional fuel for power station furnaces. The car battery can also be recycled. They are placed in a press and broken down into valuable components, which can then be reused. The acid within the battery is neutralized and disposed of in a way so it does not affect the environment, making the whole process very economically friendly. The lead within the car can be made into more car batteries and even shields for x-ray machines, so you can really help to do your part for the environment by choosing a reputable car recycling company.

Why You Should Choose Cash for Cars Services

Cash for cars services will give you a cash sum for your vehicle. This is very beneficial, because you can free up space in your driveway as well as getting a cash sum for your unwanted vehicle. Many companies offer you a set sum, but it is always better to go for a company which offers you the best prices on the day. The price of metal can vary, so it is always better to get the best price you can for your scrap. Contact your local cash for cars service today to find out more.

Phelps Brothers Ltd is a quality provider of cash for cars in Cheltenham. They recycle a high amount of their cars, including fluids, lead, the car battery and even the engine.

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