How Purchasing New Windows Could Make Your Window Cleaning Easier

by | Apr 21, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

If you have some very old windows, then you would understand the hassle of having them cleaned. Many old windows open from the top. This means that the top of the window tilts forward, being attached to two hinges to prevent it from going more than a few inches. This can make cleaning very hard work, not to mention that the design itself isn’t the safest. The only way to clean these windows properly would be to climb up some ladders and do the outside and the inside separately. Another way around this would be to hire a window cleaner, but if your windows are incredibly dirty then you may feel as though more extensive measures are required.

Why You Should Replace Your Windows

New windows are more transparent when compared to older windows. The technology itself allows users to see through their windows with crystal clarity, with no fog, misting or dullness. If you have old windows then you may find that no matter how much you clean them, they just never reach the standard you want. This is because over time, the windows can mist over. Although this change isn’t visible to the naked eye, it certainly hinders your view when you look outside the window. By replacing your windows, you can help to avoid all this while saving yourself money in terms of your energy bill. Newer windows tend to swing open. They use a lockable hinge, and when the button is depressed and the handle is lifted, the window can open to a 90 degree angle. These locks are incredibly child proof, not to mention that they also make cleaning much easier.

Making Cleaning Easier with Newer Windows

Newer windows can make cleaning a lot easier. Because the windows can open properly, you don’t need to hire a window cleaner to clean your upstairs windows. You can reach around with ease, and this makes things a lot easier when it comes to maintaining the appearance of your windows. You will also find that your rooms will be a lot warmer, and you won’t experience any draft from the flaking silicone around the edges. Overall, new windows are a great investment and they can do a world of good for your home. Contact your glass suppliers in Livingston today to find out more.

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