Reasons to Get Mercury-Free Dentistry from Dentists in Wilmslow

by | Oct 22, 2014 | Health and Fitness

If you like to maintain your bright white smile with regular trips to dentists, you will likely want to find a mouth doctor who can take a natural approach to dental care. Holistic dentists in Wilmslow can do just this, because they focus on the individual’s dental problems by using traditional dental materials. Dentists qualified in holistic dentistry will refrain from using mercury, fluoride and harsh chemicals, while focusing on lifestyle, diet and any treatments the patient has had previously. Although dentists of this kind will undergo the same level of training as normal dentists, their services offer a host of added benefits.

Reduced Risk

Nobody wants to have to worry about the risk of a problem occurring after dentists in Wilmslow perform a procedure, whether it is bridges, crowns, veneers, root canal treatment or something more serious. The great thing about mercury-free dentistry is that it is a non-toxic option, meaning your teeth will not be faced with destructive chemicals. You can expect no harmful side effects when these services are completed, and by asking your dentist questions, you can make an educated decision about having mercury-free dentistry completed.

Better Appearance

The main reason why someone will visit dentists in Wilmslow is to enhance their appearance. Mercury or silver fillings will not look as natural as porcelain inlays will, which is why a lot of people opt for holistic dentistry when dealing with a tooth cavity. Good for your mouth, porcelain inlays are highly recommended because they will not weaken the teeth like other fillings, and could strengthen the tooth. Silver fillings tend to weaken and break, leaving the teeth exposed to bacteria and pain. Patient health concerns will be taken into account when holistic dental techniques are completed, so you need not worry about dealing with problems afterwards.

Finding a Dentist

A dentist that uses bio-compatible dental materials will be worth working with, because this means that no mercury will be used during dental procedures. Always ask for references prior to making an appointment with a dentist, and arrange a tour around the dentist’s office to see how comfortable you feel around him or her. Don’t be afraid to ask about aftercare treatment and find out if dental products are available to purchase directly from the dentist before you get mercury-free dentistry completed.

The dentists in Wilmslow that work at Westgate Dental Practice offer check-ups, cosmetic services and mercury-free dental treatments.

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