As a pet owner it’s important that you make yourself aware of the potential illnesses and diseases he or she could be vulnerable to without vaccinations in County Durham. Vaccinations are a form of protection against sometimes life-threatening diseases amongst animals, such as rabies, canine distemper virus, infectious canine hepatitis and leptospirosis. It’s especially important that your pet gets these vaccinations ahead of kennel visits, because exposure to new surroundings could mean that diseases are prevalent. Still not sure just how vital vaccines are? Read on.

Reduces the Risk of Disease

It’s not worth taking the risk when it comes to your dog dealing with disease. A number of diseases can be prevented with vaccinations in County Durham. If you will soon be jetting off on holiday and leaving your pet in a kennel, visit a local vet who is experienced at administering injections. Why, you ask? Well, Lyme Disease and are rife in kennel environments, what with so many different dogs entering the premises on a regular basis. Just one shot could immunise your pet against disease, so contact a nearby vet and be a responsible pet owner!

Strengthens the Immune System

The stronger your pet’s immune system, the lower the chances of him or her getting ill. When the core vaccinations in County Durham are administered, the immune system will respond quicker, should a strain of disease try attacking it. Comprised of various biological structures, the immune system must be able to pick up pathogens in order to function properly. When the right vaccinations are administered at the right time, antibodies will multiply and will protect the body against disease.

Prevents Common Illnesses

It’s not just disease you need to be protect your pet against but also, common illnesses. Ear infections, worms, hot spots and fleas are common among dogs. Aside from being able to prevent the onset of illness, vaccinations in County Durham could be used to treat illness. Most underlying illnesses can be spotted before they break down the immune system and threaten the animal’s health. The way in which you care for your pet could also reduce the risks of illnesses. Preventative care routines, like grooming and dental cleaning, will enhance animal health.

Ashfield Veterinary Surgery offers regular check-up and vaccinations for your pets to keep them healthy and safe in County Durham.