Reasons why your electric garage door does not work

by | Sep 19, 2015 | Garage Doors

Companies that install, maintain and repair electric garage doors in Bridgend have at one time or another been faced with every conceivable problem. There are many times when you must call a professional but there are some basic problems that a competent homeowner can deal with. To help you with troubleshooting problems you can encounter, here are the most common reasons why automatic electric garage doors do not work.

1. The transmitter batteries: You would think that with all the remote controls that are in a modern home that forgetting they need batteries for power wouldn’t happen, but it happens. It is not only the transmitter that you carry in the car, it may also happen with the transmitter located on the wall of the garage.

2. Misaligned photo eye: On each side of the garage door opening there is a photo-eye. An invisible beam runs between the eyes, when the beam is broken the door will not close. If your electric garage doors in Bridgend will not close check the eye alignment and also check to see that they are clean.

3. Track out of alignment: An out of alignment track is a serious issue that usually requires the skills of a professional garage door repairman. For the door to operate properly the track must be aligned perfectly; any bends in the track or gaps between the rollers and the track must be taken care of. You can visit here to get more details.

4. Door closes part way and then reverses: All electric garage doors in Bridgend are designed with a reversing feature that prevents the door from impacting objects in their path. If, during the door closing cycle it should come up against something, perhaps a child’s toy or the rubbish can this will happens, it can also happen if the tracks become full of debris which stops the door from moving on its rollers.

5. Door will not go up: A typical garage door is very heavy, you may think it’s the electric door opener that is lifting the door; it is not. The door is lifted by springs. All garage doors come with one large spring that runs across the top of the door or two springs, one on either side. The springs are under torsion; in the event one should fail the door opener will not be able to lift the weight of the door. A broken spring is something that only a professional can deal with.

Although there may be other problems with your garage door, these are by far the most common.

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