MOT Test Garages-What to Look Out For

by | Jun 13, 2023 | Garage Doors

Is your vehicle due its MOT? Like any other valuable item you own, you want your automobile to be in trustworthy and safe hands. Therefore, you want to know what to look out for when finding a garage shop that offers MOT testing. A suitable MOT garage should always be up to government standard, along with being suitable to your needs as a customer and driver. A good MOT test garage shop will give you good service, and an accurate MOT as well as look after your vehicle. All certified MOT garages will require having a blue background sign with 3 white interlocking triangles. This will demonstrate they are in fact legally approved for MOT testing on their premises. You can find a certified and reputable garage centre that offers MOT testing in Paignton.

MOT Test and What Aspects Are Included in the Procedure

Scheduling your vehicle for a MOT test performed at a reputable and certified garage centre will include a complete range of services for any make and model such as a pre-MOT maintenance and a required MOT assessment. Any vehicle that is older than 3 years must be certified road-worthy and fully tested. A legally approved garage centre will be fully authorized and have a facility to perform inspections, and take care of any maintenance necessary to achieving a passing result for your car. This test is provided to you at an affordable cost and if you fail it the first time you will receive a free re-test within 10 days. To make certain this does not happen to you, experts work hard in providing current emissions compliance, annual assessments of minimum standards, and pre-MOT inspections.

Full MOT Assessment Includes:

* Acceptable Level for Assessment on Body Work and Door

* Safe and Responsive Brake System

* Tyres and Wheels Fitted Properly and Free from Excess Wear and Damage

* Emission and Exhaust Levels Are Good

* Steering and Suspension Are Well Maintained and Responsive

* Wipers and Washer Bottles Function Properly and Windscreen Is Not Damaged or Weak

* Seatbelts Operate and Fit Correctly

* Mirrors and Lights Undamaged and Car Horn Works Correctly

* Fuel System is Efficient and Safe

* VIN Matches Vehicle Registration Plates

Advantages of MOT Testing on Your Vehicle

There are many advantages of MOT testing on your vehicle. One of them is you will have peace of mind in knowing your vehicle is safe to be on the roads. Another advantage is you knowing that your vehicle is in good condition when you find out you passed the test. By choosing a certified garage centre to perform a MOT test on your vehicle, you know it will be done accurately and professionally. Get in touch with our trained and qualified mechanics at Monnington Motors Ltd for all your MOT testing needs.

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