Save Money on Your Next Aston Martin Car Hire

by | Sep 18, 2015 | Car Hire

Everyone knows that car hire is not cheap, but for those who are looking for a luxury rental, such as an Aston Martin, the cost can really rise. What most people don’t realise, however, is that the cost of an Aston Martin car hire is affected by hidden charges, and by avoiding these charges, you can actually save money when renting luxury vehicles. Everyone likes to save, so here are a few ways to do it:

If You Get It At the Airport, You Pay Airport Prices

One of the costs that might be associated with your car hire is an airport tax. Many car hire companies offer the convenience of picking up their customers at the airport, but if they do this, the customer is often charged an airport tax or fee that can be as much as 10 percent of the total. Before blaming the car rental company, however, people must understand that the airport may be charging the car hire company. All they are doing is passing that fee onto the customer. How can you avoid this fee? Take advantage of free shuttle services or taxis, and try to get off of airport property. This way, you are not charged this fee.

Consider Dropping Insurance

Almost all London car hire companies offer extra insurance associated with rentals, but you don’t have to necessarily pay this. If you already have car insurance, it is quite possible that your car insurance company covers rental cars. Check the policy before you go, and if your policy covers rental cars, have the rental company’s insurance removed from your contract. You don’t need both policies in most cases, and it can save money during the duration of your hire.

Get Your Own Petrol

It always sounds like a good idea to get a full tank of petrol with a car hire, but you do not necessarily have to do this. The truth is, most people who hire vehicles do not use the full tank, and when you return the vehicle, you don’t get a refund for the petrol you don’t use. Instead, before picking up your Aston Martin, find out if it is possible to only get a half tank or ask to fill the tank up on your own. This way, you can avoid the fee and only buy the petrol you are going to use.

These are only a couple of ways to save money on your Aston Martin car hire. It is also worth it to talk to the car hire company to find out if they have any deals or promotions.

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