How to speed up conveyancing

by | Jun 13, 2023 | Lawyer

When you get to the point where you decide to buy a home, you feel excited but as the process continues, the excitement can turn into an emotional roller coaster. When the solicitor takes time before getting back to you, it is easy to feel impatient and irritated.

The process

One of the things that can ease your emotional burden as the process contributes is to take time to understand conveyancing in Reading. A standard conveyancing process begins when the lawyer receives a contract of sale. The contract is an indication that the seller and the buyer have agreed on a price. The lawyer goes ahead to carry out the property deed searches then a settlement is made if the two parties are comfortable with the deal. This process takes 4 to 6 weeks if there are no complications.

To avoid delays, keep in touch with your buyer or seller, agent, or solicitor. If you follow up the process, you may help deal with small issues that can delay the process.

The longest period

Reviewing the documents takes the longest time as it involves a lot of details and verification. To speed up the process, request the solicitor to keep you updated on all communications. If you keep up with the communication, you will be able to spot any delays or issues and sort them out immediately.

Difference between a survey and a valuation report

A valuation report is done for the sake of the mortgage lender while a full survey benefits the buyer. A survey is used to establish the condition of the house. If the house has any defects, you can choose to cancel the deal or to negotiate for a better deal.

We always request our clients to organize all the documents that they need for the purchase and to provide all the relevant information promptly. Our solicitors are cooperative and well organized so you can trust them to complete the process within a short time. Talk to us at Harrisons Solicitors today for professional service with a difference.

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