Means Of Tanker Loading

by | Feb 7, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

When it comes to loading and unloading a tanker, you rely on several different types of equipment. Tanker loading can be a simple arrangement of a loading arm and a loading platform. Both types of equipment come in a variety of sizes, shapes and purposes. When it comes to making a decision, you should always consider quality, efficiency, ease of usage and, of course, safety.

Loading Platforms

Loading platforms are large and heavy platforms that allow your employees easy access to the tanker. Constructed usually from hot-dip galvanized steel, they are also treated to avoid corrosion. The best types of loading platforms are low maintenance. They also feature several safety features including rails, safe steps or ramps and anti-slip surfaces.

Tanker Loading Arms

There are two basic ways to transfer the liquid substance of a tanker. These are through top and bottom loading arms.

Bottom loading arm: This is a fast and safe way of tanker loading. Since it does not involve working at a height, it is often considered safer than top loading. Fuel depots and petroleum terminals prefer to utilize bottom loading arms for its low cost and decreased maintenance demands

Top loading arm: both cost-effective and efficient, a top loading arm is prominent for both road and rail tanker loading. In fact, almost all the loading of ethanol for rail tankers is accomplished using this method.

In order to improve the viability as well as safety of the arms, the manufacturer may provide articulated arms and other devices. Articulated arms ensure the greatest flexibility when it comes to the addition of other options. These may include protection against high level overfill as well as the ability to help with vapour recovery.

State of the Art

If you wish to increase distribution efficiency, ensure the safety of all employees and decrease any potential losses during the bulk shipping of liquids, you need the right tanker loading system. If you want to make sure hazardous and expensive liquids such as biodiesel, diesel fuel, ethanol and gasoline are loaded, unloaded and transferred with minimal loss and maximum safety, it is essential to select only the best tanker loading system possible.

A state of the art system will help you achieve these goals. When it comes time to consider what tanker loading system suits you best, do your research. Be sure you know your needs and those of your employees before you make a decision.

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