When it comes to loading tankers or railway cars or tanks, it is essential for everyone to have access to safe loading platforms. While it may be possible to employ a set of rails or stairs to reach the top of the tanker, this may not prove to be either safe or legal. A loading platform satisfies both the law and any concerns about the protection of your employees. It will accomplish this, however, only if you take the time to look at the different types available and make the decision to purchase based on quality, viability and employee security.

Making Loading Platforms Safe

While loading platforms come in different types, sizes and even shapes, it is necessary for all employees who are involved in the process of loading and unloading takers for rail and trucks to be protected. This includes a number of safety devices usually enforced by law. Safety features or devices that enhance security of all employees may include the following:

A wide access point to the tanker – this is specified by law

Nonslip stairs or ramp stretching from the ground to the platform. If the platform is long, it will require 2 ramps – one at or close to each end of the platform

Non slip platform floors

Folding stairs

Safety handrails

Knee bars

Fully drainable

Kicker plates

Intermediate landing if the platform is large

Weather protective features e.g. canopy

While not all devices are legally required, if you are truly concerned about the safety of your employees and the well-being of your company, you will make sure you purchase the equipment that best embraces new technology while taking care of all employees.

Access, Safety and Gangplanks

If the loading platforms are fixed, access to the tankers, rail tanks or trailers may consist of a drop platform. To ensure safety, it must:

Possess guard rails or other types of railings and/or safety measures to ensure protection for employees while traversing it

Be hinged or fastened in another suitable fashion

Be secured, when not in use, by a latch in either a raised or lowered position

Make sure you consider all aspects when you decide to purchase loading platforms of any type. Take your time. Go online and read the product specifics as well as reviews. Check the safety record of the company products. Only when you are certain the loading platforms not only perform their stated function but also provide security to all your employees, should you purchase them.

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