Blocked drains are a nuisance, unsightly and very unpleasant. It is almost impossible to ignore the negative effects of blocked drains. It is so annoying to see your sinks, bathroom or sinks blocked and filled with water. Homeowners who have experience the issue understand the devastating effects that the issues can have. It is therefore good for a homeowner to know the issues that cause blockage so as to know to how to avoid them.

Water Flow Issues

There are a number of factors that cause water flow problems. Water uses the force of gravity to drain and thus can’t flow upwards. One factor that contributes to problems with the flow of water is blocked drains. Sometimes pipes that are installed improperly accumulate debris and sediments that eventually cause a blockage. When these blockages build over time, they cause obstructions that manifest as gurgling sounds when a toilet is flushed, or slow water draining in the sinks as well as bad smells.

Foreign Objects

Foreign objects are notorious causes of blocked drains in Poole. They could be hair and soaps from bathrooms and/or fats and foods from kitchen sinks. When they are caught in drains and pipes, they accumulate causing a blockage. Toilet paper also accumulates sometimes to cause blockage in the toilets, as well as sanitary items. Immediate action is always required in cases where toilets have been blocked.


The environment around the home is also of importance to safe drainage systems. The home gardens are usually beautiful, especially when manicured well. Apart from this aesthetic value, thorough maintenance of these gardens also reduces on possibilities of blocking water drains. You can keep your drains on a free flow by ensuring the garden is kept free from dry grass, leaves from trees and debris that eventually find their way into the drains thus causing a blockage. Furthermore, a garden that has many trees can have their roots extending to the drainage pipes thus causing cracks that lead to drain blockage. Click here for more details.