Expanding Your Living Space With Bi-Folding Doors For Kent Homes

by | Apr 5, 2018 | Doors and Windows

Creating a light, open and airy space in a home is a priority for many homeowners in Kent. Newer home designs are often designed with an eye for having large areas of windows and patio doors in the home that lead off the kitchen, living room or even the master bedroom onto an outdoor patio or terrace area.

While there are many options for patio doors, including the traditional double French doors, another design option to consider are bi-folding doors. These doors open from the middle or from either side. However, unlike other types of doors, they have an accordion fold, which allows the doors to be discretely moved to one side or the other, allowing a wide, clear area connecting the interior and the exterior of the home.

The Benefits

A critical difference between bi-folding doors and sliding patio doors or traditional French doors is the ability to use multiple panels to create a much larger glassed space. It is possible to design an entire wall of these panels, which can then fold and move to the side, providing an amazing open view, entertaining area or a fluid, seamless transition from the interior of the home to an outdoor living space.

The design and technology used in quality bi-folding doors offer several benefits for the home. With a double polyamide thermal break design, they are highly efficient at limiting heat loss through the doors. The addition of weather brushes and internally beaded, high security glazing also provides additional resistance to the weather throughout the year. At the same time, these doors are as thin as 94mm, ensuring they blend into the design of the home from both an interior and exterior viewpoint.

Security features such as multi-point and shootbolt locking systems make these doors the ideal choice for modern, traditional and even country homes in Kent. Only a few companies offer these doors, with The Window Sanctuary offering a top selection of sizes, colours and frame options. To understand the beauty, versatility and options in bi-folding doors, visit The Window Sanctuary showroom in Kent. More information and business hours can be found online at www.thewindowsanctuary.com.

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