Common causes of Toilet Blocks

by | Jun 13, 2023 | Plumber

There is no room or place where you can substitute the function of the toilet so when it clogs, it creates a disaster. Due to the inconveniences caused by a blocked toilet, homeowners take extra care to ensure their toilet is always functional. Since there are many causes for blocked toilets in Poole, homeowners still experience the inconvenience no matter how well they take care of their toilet. Some of the reasons for a clogged toilet include;

* Hard water – When you use hard water in your home, you should expect the formation of scum. The scum prevents water and other substances from passing through the drains and it leads to drain blockage. The same case applies when you use hard water in your toilet: soon or later it will lead to clogging.

* Hair – Most people ignore the damage that hair can cause to your toilet. When the hair tangles, it forms an obstacle that prevents water and other waste from passing through. If you are not careful, you may end up paying a lot of money to repair damages caused by hair.

* Low flow toilets – These kinds of toilets clog more as compare to the other types. When they clog, they indicate that their lifetime has expired.

* Overburdening the toilet – When you place non flushable material in your toilet or too much toilet paper, the toilet clogs. The materials block the trap making it incapable of draining the water properly.

* Drain line problem – In some cases, toilets block when the drain line has issues. Since it is not good to work with assumptions, talk to a plumber to diagnose if the drain line has a problem or not.

To minimise toilet blockages, make sure you cover the toilet after use. This will keep away foreign materials from entering the toilet. Children can throw non-flushable materials in the toilet so keep an eye on them. Lastly, use soft water in the toilet. Contact Canford Drains for more information.

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