Infrared Conduction Cookers in Birkenhead

by | May 6, 2014 | Home Improvement

Cookers are technology that has been designed for cooking and this technology has undergone considerable amount of development over the years. Initially ovens were fuelled by firewood but these were replaced with energy saving ranges that were sleek and fuelled by gas. The developments did not stop at this because further developments were made and this led to infrared appliances that had distinctive features whilst being fuel-efficient. The more modern cookers in Birkenhead have surpassed the traditional level of convection and conduction in terms of cooking methods.

There are a lot of people who wonder how infrared conduction cookers actually work and whether the use of radiant energy is actually safe. Another commonly asked question is whether the food is evenly cooked and therefore all ready at the same time.

Infrared conduction cookers are different from traditional stoves operated by gas. There are three main types of heat transfer that is used which as radiation, convection, conduction. Conduction involves the transfer of heat from one object to another through direct contact. An example of conduction is a food item that is place into a pan and then the pan is set onto the hob, which is the direct source of that. In this process the pan gets heated and then this cooks the food that is in the pan. Grilling, pan frying and sautéing are all techniques that are concerned with the conduction of heat.

The second cooking process is convection and this is the transfer of heat via either a gas or a liquid. This process happens due to the molecules coming into contact with each other and transferring heat when they do this. An example of cooking though convection heating is when you boil a potato or egg in water or when a cake is cooked in the oven. This type of cooking process is also used when deep-frying.

Infrared conduction cookers in Birkenhead make use of electromagnetic energy in order to cook the food. Infrared energy is a form of light energy, which exists beyond the visible spectrum. Unlike in the process of conduction which uses a vessels or convection of gas or liquid the process of conduction does not make use of an intermediary. The process of convection works directly to transfer the heat from the molecules through vibrating the molecules inside the food and therefore cooking or heating the food. The infrared cookers are able to heat food quickly with easily. These cookers heat up quicker than the traditional ovens.

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