An Overview of How Burglar Alarms Work

by | May 6, 2014 | Business

There are a lot of people that are unaware of how burglar alarms work despite the fact that they can protect you and your belongings. A long time along in what was known as the good old days the way that burglar alarms worked was very simple and straightforward. Nowadays the way in which these alarms work has become a million dollar science and it is an industry that is still rapidly growing and making new advances everyday. There is a large selection of burglar alarms in Guildford therefore it is important to do some research before getting a system.

There is a massive variety when it comes to alarm systems and it is even possible to get do it yourself kits to systems that enable the entire house to be wired. Most alarm systems work on the same principles and even the more complex systems is based on the same basic principles.

Circuit alarms are the most common first line of defence when it comes to the way that burglar alarms actually work and they make use of the circuit principle. There are two main types of circuits and these are open circuits and closed circuits. The basic concept of the two systems is the same and they involve running an electrical circuit though a window or door. In the open circuit alarms the electrical current is not completed until the window or door is opened and this triggers that alarm system. The only draw back of these burglar alarms in Guildford is that all the criminal needs to do is to cut the wires in order to prevent the circuit from being activated. The control box for the alarm is connected to the windows and doors therefore once these are open the circuit is broken and this activates the control box which then sounds the alarm.

The closed circuit method of burglar alarms can be used all the way around the perimeter. This type of alarm creates a circuit that will get broken when a criminal tries to open the window or door. In order to ensure that the alarm is activated when the window is smashed rather than opened it is important to make the glass part of the circuit as well. It is possible for even floor mats to be used as part of the circuit connection and this means that when someone stands on the mat it triggers the alarm.

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