Unjustly Dismissed from a Job? Consult with an Employment Solicitor

by | Jun 13, 2023 | Lawyer

There are laws established to help prevent a person from being wrongfully discharged from their occupation. Employers are required to have a legitimate reason for terminating employees from a job or face financial consequences for deceitfully discharging them. When an employer terminates an employee from a position, they must act rationally and have a valid reason for letting the worker go. What happens when the employee has been unfairly dismissed from their job? What can the worker do when their employment contract has been breached by the company they worked for? An employment law solicitor in Bournemouth can assist in determining if the employee has a legitimate claim and help them find a solution when they have been wrongfully terminated.

Requirements to Determine Unethically Discharged

When a person has been terminated from a job and feels they were unjustly fired, their first step should be consulting with an employment law solicitor in Bournemouth. A solicitor will determine if they meet the requirements of being wrongfully dismissed such as they must be employed by the company for more than a year. Along with being under the age of retirement and hired in as an employee instead of a worker. If they fit these conditions, the individual should speak with a solicitor to discover what options they have available.

Avoid Legal Litigation

A C Employment Solicitors Limited primary focus is to mediate between an employee and their employer to find a solution to legal litigation between the two. They are devoted to representing their client to their best interest and will speak on their behalf if a solution cannot be found. They are experienced in negotiating a settlement and will represent their client before a Tribunal when required. If you feel that you have wrongfully dismissed from your job consult with a solicitor today.

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