Oil Fuel Distributors in Cheltenham – Reasons to Set Up An Oil Club

by | Jul 22, 2015 | Oil and Gas

Have you been comparing oil fuel distributors in Cheltenham to get the best price for heating oil, bulk fuels and lubricants? If so, you should consider setting up an oil club. As a member, you can invite other fuel buyers to save money. Clubs of this kind are a reliable source for people who want to save hundreds of pounds by comparing rates from a wide range of providers. Aside from saving members money, oil clubs reduce road journeys for members living in built-up areas, which contributes to environmental sustainability. Check out the following reasons to set up a club if you want to keep heating oil prices down.

Up-To-Date Prices

Every member of an oil club will know about the latest rates offered by oil fuel distributors in Cheltenham as soon as they are released. This means that there is constantly an opportunity to save money and a much lower chance of being ripped off. In fact, savings are said to exceed 10 percent when members join together and buy in bulk. If you don’t set up your own club, find out what a local club’s set of rules are before joining, because each club will have different rules about how each member can benefit.

Discount Schemes and Grants

Did you know that you could spread the cost of heating oil when you work with oil fuel distributors in Cheltenham for bulk fuel? A lot of discount schemes are on offer, as well as grants to help business owners make better use of the fuels they purchase. The government is encouraging people to set up clubs and explore their options, because the money-saving opportunities really are endless for club members! Remember that the more you buy, the more you can save, so the bigger your club the better.

Help the Environment

Whoever you choose to buy oil from, you will be contributing to saving the planet if you purchase in bulk. How, you ask? Well, everything can be delivered in one go when you get together and make a joint purchase with friends. As a result, road congestion will be reduced and the planet will be faced with much less pollution. An oil buying scheme encourages better human activity and is therefore an eco-conscious choice for domestic and commercial customers.

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