If you want a stairlift for your home, then you first need to find out which type of stairlift is suitable. If you have a set of stairs which are just slightly curved, then chances are you will needed a curved stairlift for your home. Curved stairlifts are very affordable, but they need to be custom made to your home. This means that you can’t take it with you if you ever move house, so this is something to think about before you make your purchase. If your stairs are straight however, then you should be able to purchase a straight stair lift without any worries at all. Stairlifts come in many shapes and forms. Some people choose to purchase budget stairlifts, which are designed solely to perform the task in hand. Other stairlifts come with additional comfort options, such as very comfortable seats, seatbelts and even foot rests. The stairlift you choose will largely depend on your budget, but your stairlift provider will be able to help you with this.

How Stairlifts Work

Stairlifts normally consist of a metal bar. This metal bar runs the length of the stairs. Attached to the metal bar you will find the chair. The chair is fastened to the stair lift, and in most cases it doesn’t twist or move. This is so the user can receive the ultimate in security when using the device and it also helps to keep the stairlift very secure. Most stairlifts come with arm rests, and this is very beneficial for several reasons. Arm rests are great because it helps you get out of your chair when at the top. You have something to lean on and it also gives you added support when you’re going up the stairs. It also helps to stop you from sliding out of the chair, so you never need to worry about this.

Footrests and Colours

Most chair lifts in Guildford also come with footrests. This is to stop the user’s feet from dragging on the floor and it also makes the journey more comfortable. You will also find that stairlifts come in many different colours, so this is something to consider when choosing one for your home. They blend into your home perfectly, and you can even customize them to an extent so they meet your every need and more. From seatbelt attachments to additional padding and more, so you can be sure to enjoy your investment for years to come.

Bentley Mobility Services is a local provider of chair lifts in Guildford. They have chair lifts of all shapes and sizes, with several different colours to choose from.