The Truth about Surface Dressing

by | Jun 13, 2023 | Business

Surface dressing is an efficient, quick and sustainable way to provide a safe and well maintained road network.

Benefits of using surface dressing

* It provides a non-skid and safe road surface

* Provides a uniformed surface for road that are heavily patched thus improving the appearance of the road

* It is a cost-effective way of making a road as it is four or three times cheaper than other alternative methods yet it lasts longer

* It prolongs the life of the road network

* It takes a short time to surface a road thus eliminating build-up of traffic on the road

* Road surfacing seals the road making it waterproof

* It is environmentally friendly as it uses re-used materials thus conserving the natural resources

Why is the road noisy after road surfacing?

The loose chippings on the road surface make the road noisy. With time, the chippings are embedded into the road and eventually the noise reduces. The purpose of the loose chippings is to create excellent skid resistance and road surface texture to enable swift movement of the vehicles.

Why do road constructors set a speed limit after surfacing a road?

Immediately surface dressing in Wallingford, drivers are advised not to drive fast on the road. The speed limit on such road is set at 20mph. If drivers drive at a faster speed than this, the chippings may not get embedded the paintwork may chip and the chippings can lead to broken windscreens.

We request our clients to make sure the warning signs on speed are followed so that the chippings get embedded. If they fail to be embedded, the road will need repair or replacement sooner than expected. We also request them not to park their vehicles where there is work in progress so that they do not slow the work down. Contact Hazell & Jefferies Ltd for professional surface dressing in Wallingford.

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