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by | Nov 17, 2016 | Lawyers and Law Firms

For many people, finding a new home is a huge task in itself. Endless hours and weekends can be devoted to following up on adverts, liaising with real estate agents, and even driving around in your chosen area looking for “For Sale” signs. When you finally locate the home of your dreams and your offer is accepted, this is a time of relief and celebration. However, until the title deeds of the property are actually in your name, the deal is not yet concluded.

Enlist a good conveyancing firm in Caversham

What most buyers and sellers don’t want to hear is that many things can go wrong, even after the contract of sale has been signed. Few people are paying cash for their homes, which means that there are mortgages to be arranged or settled, and an attorney can be extremely helpful in this regard. The paperwork needs to be completed accurately before the title deeds can be registered at the Registry Office, and a most important aspect is to complete a thorough legal search in connection with the property that’s being purchased.

Why is a search necessary?

Whenever a sale takes place, there are two parties involved – the buyer and the seller. Invariably, unless you are a property expert, you as the buyer depend on what the seller tells you about the property, but it might be that there is additional information that you need to have. Some buyers become frustrated at the long process in transferring deeds, but they should relax in the knowledge that this is probably because the conveyancing firm is protecting them by ensuring that they are indeed buying what they think they’re getting.

The actual borders of a property need to be checked to ensure that they line up with the buyer’s understanding. There are endless examples of a buyer discovering that what they thought was on their property actually belongs to a neighbour, and they aren’t even allowed traversing rights. All this will be found out by legal experts who know what questions to ask and what to look for, which is why it’s always in a buyer’s best interests to work through a professional.

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