Understanding Your Employee Contract

by | Jun 19, 2023 | Lawyers

If you’ve been hired for your dream career job you will be excited about your new path in life. But what about the employment contract that you’ve been asked to sign? Is it as straightforward as just signing on the dotted line? Not so fast… perhaps there are things you should take a closer look at. Your employment law solicitor in Bournemouth can help you navigate through the contract and explain anything you don’t quite understand. This can prevent miscommunication issues later on, and can save you a lot of heartache in the future. Here are just some of the terms and conditions they can go over with you:

* Job duties: The contract should clearly define your job duties and expectations. If you’ve been hired on a sales commission basis, the contract may involve sales goals, number of leads generated per month, etc.

* Compensation: The contract should outline your compensation, whether hourly or salary. This should also include number of hours per week, and location. If you are on a commission basis, mileage should also be clearly outlined (amount per mile, if applicable).

* Benefits: Stock options, medical costs, dental costs, vision costs, etc. should be outlined, in terms of how much will be covered, and at what point in your employment (after working for one year, etc.).

* Termination: There are obvious conditions of termination from the company, such as theft, destruction of property, etc. This should be clearly outlined in the contract.

* Anti-bullying policy: Employers need to have a clear policy set out in regards to bullying and harassment.

If you look over the employment contract and you have questions regarding any terms or conditions set forth within, you can contact your employment law solicitor in Bournemouth to go over it with you. He or she can answer your questions, so you can take it back to your employer and get them to change/alter conditions to suit your needs.

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