Best window treatments for your double-glazed windows

by | Nov 17, 2016 | Home and Garden

You likely already know about the benefits of windows with double glazing in North Wales, (as well as other areas). These benefits include better insulation, reduced energy costs, increased safety and less condensation. Along with double glazed windows, you can increase these benefits further by choosing window treatments that complement your overall décor and serve the purpose of providing even more insulation. Here are just a few ideas:

* Awnings: These can reduce heat from coming into your home by as much as 65% for south-facing windows and up to 77% for west-facing windows. Today, awnings are made from synthetic fabrics, like polyvinyl laminates and acrylic. These are treated to resist fading and mildew, and are water-repellent. Modern hardware makes them easy to roll up and store for winter.

* Blinds: These come in several styles, slat sizes, and colours. You can adjust the slats to control ventilation and light. These can reduce heat by as much as 45%.

* Shutters: These can help protect your home from both heat gain and heat loss. Shutters need a clear area beside the window when they are open. Some come with adjustable slats to control the amount of light and ventilation. They also come in a variety of designs, styles and colours.

* Shades: These typically pull down and roll up with the use of a mechanism such as a string or pulley. They come in a variety of colours. If you want to completely block out sunlight, a darker coloured shade will keep the sun and heat out. Lighter coloured shades with lighter fabrics typically allow for a limited amount of light when pulled down.

Double glazing in North Wales is an ideal option if you are looking to upgrade your home, increase its resale value and provide extra security. Adding window treatments will add even more benefits. Visit website for more information.

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