Moving a business is a more challenging and difficult process than moving a residence, although there are many similarities. The most important difference with a business move is the downtime during the move, which may be a time the business is not earning an income. This creates a focus for the Croydon moving service to complete the move on the schedule.

There are other differences between office moving services and residential relocation. Offices tend to include more electronics, machines and sensitive equipment which will require specialised boxing, wrapping, and padding for the trip. Sensitive electronics, including office computers and other devices, will need to be carefully packed and placed on the truck to ensure they arrive safely at the new location.

When to Contact the Movers

Most office moving services are busy throughout the year. To ensure the move dates you require, contact the movers as soon as possible and at least a few weeks or months in advance of the move date.

Sometimes, through unforeseen circumstances and issues, business moves may need to happen quickly and with limited notice. In these situations, explaining the short timeline to the Croydon company will be essential to get the move scheduled as needed.

Packing and Hiring Packing Services

Some businesses may want to complete some or all of the packing of the items to be moved on their own. If this is the situation, contacting office moving services at least two to three weeks before the move will allow them to deliver the boxes and packing you will need.

Typically, when hiring packers through the moving service, they will arrive the day or the evening before the move to complete the packing requirements.

At the same time, it is important to discuss any needs for short or long-term storage with the movers. Top companies such as Arnold and Self Removals can provide storage options as part of their moving services, making it easy for the business to plan the move. Let the expert office moving services of R&S Relocation, a division of Arnold and Self Removals, assist with your business move.