Owning a property that is fitted with double glazed windows is desirable, because secondary glazing really adds to home value. Aside from the financial aspect, double glazing in Berkshire will increase security and safety, as well as provide a good amount of thermal insulation. This means that you won’t be spending as much money heating the home if you hire a glazier to install windows, which are manufactured with two panes of glass separated by a gas-filled layer. Despite the fact that double glazing is suitable for preventing heat loss, there is a possibility that replacements might be required at some point. Read on to learn how you can spot the signs of common problems.

Condensation Build-Up

When double glazed units become fogged with condensation, you should get in contact with glaziers in your area. This is quite a common issue with double glazing in Berkshire and it indicates that the sealed unit has a leak in it somewhere. When a leak is present, moisture will be able to enter the gas-filled layer and when this reacts with the silica, beads of condensation will begin to form. To ensure the windows don’t look unsightly, consider introducing an air conditioning system as a way of controlling temperature and humidity.

Cracks in the Glass

Your double glazing in Berkshire will definitely need replacing if the glass is cracked in any way. Even the smallest of cracks can get worse if they are not dealt with immediately. Despite the fact that double glazing is strong, cracks might progress and cause the glass to smash, which poses a safety hazard. Remember that the better a window is fitted, the more energy savings you can expect to make. It’s worth spending a bit of money on a window repair kit to fix cracks before the window is inspected and repaired by a professional glazier. These kits should include razor blades and curing strips.

Cold Air and Water Leaks

The purpose of double glazing in Berkshire is not just to look good and enhance safety but also, to save the property owner money on energy bills. Designed with a gas-filled layer, this type of glass is recommended by the Energy Savings Trust. The amount of sunlight and heat passing through the glass is controlled, therefore if you notice cold air entering the home or moisture around the seals, repairs should be completed.

You could save money on your energy bills with double glazing in Berkshire.