Clay or Concrete Roofing Services in Maidenhead?

by | Jul 15, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

Being a property owner means you will need to pay for some home improvements from time to time. Most roofs will last for 25 years or more and will be covered by warranty but in some cases, early repairs or replacements will be required. A professional that provides roofing services in Maidenhead will be able to fit one of two roofs – pitched or flat. These roofs will enhance the property and it’s up to you to decide which material you would like. All roofs are constructed with a covering, sheathing, flashing and drainage. If synthetic roofing products don’t appeal to you, consider clay or concrete.

The Benefits of Clay

Despite the fact that no specialised service usually comes with clay tile, these roofing services in Maidenhead are worthwhile if you like the natural terracotta look. Clay is relatively heavy material that will withstand acid rain, snow and sunshine. Clay does not warp and will look good as new for up to 100 years! Easy to clean, clay is the most-used tile material and has been for years. Durability and strength are its two biggest advantages. In addition to this, the installation of clay roofing tiles will improve the property’s thermal efficiency and prevent heat loss.

The Benefits of Concrete

An affordable choice, concrete roofing services in Maidenhead are ideal because concrete ages well, is water-tight, is stable under the rain and has a breaking strength of 140-200 kg. Perfect for large-scale projects, concrete is favoured for roofing projects over traditional materials like vinyl, porcelain and ceramic, because most concrete roofs have a 20-year warranty. Hard-wearing, concrete might not be as visually appealing as clay, but it will maintain its condition when fitted on buildings in interior and exterior locations.

Finding a Roofer

A roofer who can fit both types of roof will be a good person to work with. Check that the roofer is capable and experienced to perform roofing services in Maidenhead ahead of signing any contracts, and take the time to ask previous customers about what they thought of their services. A roofer should have general liability insurance coverage and should have many years of experience under his or her belt. Awards will indicate that the roofer is a competent worker. Check out the many comprehensive search sites on the Internet to better compare roofers in your area.

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