Deciding on whether you should replace your soffits and fascias

by | Apr 22, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

You probably don’t notice your fascias & soffits until it is time to change them and then you might only notice them because they start to fall off. Believe it or not, you should check your fascias and soffits every year or so, especially if they are made of wood. Wood, whether it is treated or not can still deteriorate over time, so checking it every year and doing simple maintenance will help it stay ‘healthy’ for a while longer.

Many modern fascia boards and soffit boards are made from uPVC or vinyl because they are built to last much longer and need little to no maintenance at all. The outside of your home has soffit boards fitted and fascia boards fitted just under the roof eves and near to the external guttering pipes. For those who have no idea what a soffit board actually is, it is the trim that is on the underside of the eaves of your house roof. Look closely up at your guttering and you can see the white board covering, which seals it away from the inside of the attic floor. The fascia is the vertical board that runs horizontally along the length of the roof at right angles to the soffit board.

Areas of the Country that should Check more often

North Wales, southern Scotland, Cheshire, Lancashire and Northern Scotland are all generally cooler than the southern part of the United Kingdom. This can make those areas far more susceptible to some more severe weather. This can cause damage to homes faster than areas that do not have such conditions as often. Homes that are not as rain battered as other parts of the United Kingdom will last longer and their exteriors will not need parts replacement as quickly.

Every year or so, just at the end of summer or the beginning of autumn it is the best time to check your soffits and fascia boards. The reason being that the summer heat—on the proviso that there is a summer—can dry out the wood and you are more likely to notice cracks or flaking paint or varnish. This also gives you time to repair before the onset of winter.

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