Correct and Proper disposal of your waste

by | Apr 22, 2014 | Industrial Goods and Services

Waste disposal has a whole list of laws around it these days. Whereas once we could simply toss our garbage into the bin for it to be collected once a week, those days are no longer appropriate. Nowadays, the laws around recycling and correct removal and disposal of waste is governed by so many regulations that you need to understand before you can get rid of your unwanted stuff.

Let’s suppose you are in Harlow in Essex and you own a home which you decide to remodel. Your builder’s turn up and start knocking down walls, removing wallpaper, chipping out old wall tiles and floor tiles and then out pops the linoleum floor that was under the 1980’s carpet you just took out. It’s a messy mish-mash of mixed materials, but how do you know what to do with them? Your builder’s will very probably have decided to rent a skip. They are usually fully versed in most rules about proper waste disposal and builder’s waste is not the same type of waste as regular household waste. You can’t stick bit of dry wall in your dustbin hoping that the bin men will haul it off anymore. No, you have to get rid of it properly.

Recycling and how to find out how to do it
Recycling is the big thing right now, with councils and local authorities all over the United Kingdom finding ways to safely remove everything from a potato peeling to a fridge-freezer. We are becoming far more environmentally friendly and it seems to some that it was a long time coming. Many people have been recycling for many years and now it has suddenly become a trend because of the threat of global warming. It’s as though us humans have to have the alarm go off before we even bother to wake up and smell the coffee. Recycling is split into various categories, such as paper, plastic, tins and cans and glass. When people are told by their local council to put their newspaper or paper items in one bin, glass in another, cans and tins in another and so, they do so and it gets collected. In many countries including the United States, store have recycle machines that people can get 5 cents back on if they recycle the cans. Something the United Kingdom could benefit from.

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