It is not wasted when you dispose of it properly

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Nowadays, waste management is a huge business and is meant to generate, prevent and monitor the proper treatment and handling of refuse and waste from businesses and households around the country. Of the many varieties of waste, the main types are institutional—such as hospitals and medical waste, residential—household and commercial—businesses and such, the most commonly recognized is household waste because that contains food waste, sewage, and all manner of water from the home. In many homes in the United States, the kitchen contains a mechanical piece of equipment that sits underneath the sink. It is known as a waste disposal unit and it can reduce household food wastage by ninety percent over the course of a year. Wasted and unfinished dinners can be put down the waste disposal unit and macerated so that they don’t get thrown in the trash and dumped in a land fill site.

In the United Kingdom the waste disposal unit is not as popular or as common and therefore they still have the same issues to deal with. While the units are being placed into newer homes or being purchased by people who simply want them installed they are still not as common as they could or should be. This increases the amount of solid waste per household and it costs a great deal of money to remove it.

Recycling is the Key
As much as the United Kingdom has taken to recycling in the last ten or so years, it could still do better when it comes to the proper and correct disposal of certain items. Laws have been passed to allow for the same removal of Freon gas which is found in fridges, so that’s a plus. Plastic is recycled and so are items such as aluminium drinks cans, food tins, newspaper and glass. This is a huge step forward because if it can be recycled and made into something new it is never wasted. A soda can bought in Bishop’s Stortford could be reborn as part of a jet engine or a car, a plastic water bottle can become part of child’s toy chair and an old rubber tire can become part of a playground safety mat. It’s all about recycling.

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