Concrete is one of the most heavily used man-made products

by | Jun 15, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

You might be surprised to learn that the only substance in the world that is more widely used than concrete is water. Statistics show that more than a ton of concrete is produced for each person living on earth, which is a staggering thought. Given that concrete is so ubiquitous and that it’s used so frequently, most people think they have a great knowledge of it. Actually, concrete has many different types of forms and colours, and you actually would need to consult with an expert if you wanted to ensure that your project was completely successful.

The manufacture of concrete

Being such a common material, there are many different manufacturers available to choose from. However, it’s always best if you’re looking for ready mix concrete in Hendon to choose a company that demonstrates best industry practices. Something to look for is an ISO 9001 rating, which is an international guarantee of a high standard of production. You will then also feel assured that the staff will be well trained and that the advice you’re given will be accurate and helpful

The different types of concrete

There are numerous different types of strengths and compositions of concrete, and each of these would be specific to the type of job that you needed done. A consultant may tell you that you need certain strengths of concrete based on pounds per square inch. This is because the strength of the concrete I measured through compression testing. The more pounds of weight it can withstand, the stronger the concrete.

You can also ask for special mixes of concrete, and this would be determined by the different aggregates that were used. Some concretes even have relative flexibility. Most people are familiar with the pump mixes. This concrete is produced in a way that it can be pumped through a hose with high pressure, and won’t cause a blockage. In order for this to be effective, this concrete is usually wetter than others.

Ultimately, knowing why you need the concrete and exactly the load that it will carry will determine the type of concrete you buy. When ready mix concrete is brought to a site, you will normally have trained people who will do the pouring and finishing for you. Despite that, increasing your knowledge as to all the different types of concrete will be useful knowledge to have.

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