Outstanding features and fixtures that are constructed out of wood can enhance the beauty as well as the overall value of your home. You may be considering hiring a carpenter to create cabinets, shelves, and even tables out of wood. However, many homeowners want their furniture and fixtures to stand out from all of the others. If this sounds like you, you may want to consider seeking out an experienced joiner. Before you begin your search for talented joiners in Worthing, here are a few helpful hints to getting the job done right.

Joinery Basics

An individual who practices joinery is a tradesman who has the ability to construct various types of joinery such as shelves, kitchens, doors, and cabinets all out of wood. What makes them different than a carpenter is that they use structural timber as opposed to traditional wood. Someone who practices joinery sometimes works with metal and various other timber composites. Some joiners even call themselves “green joiners” and only use materials that are made of recycled materials. They can make tremendous pieces of furniture or other structures from your home as it is almost considered to be an art form.

Hiring a Joiner

Hiring the right joiner for your project can make a big difference in the appearance and value of your home. If you want to make sure that you are choosing a highly-skilled joiner, you need keep specific factors in mind. You will first want to make sure that they have all of the requirements necessary such as insurance and licenses. It also helps a great deal if the joiner is able to provide references from former customers who were happy with their services. You should ask your potential joiner what area of joinery that they specialize in. Some joiners are better with cabinetry while others are good at crafting new tables. Make sure that you get in writing just how long the project is going to take and how much it is going to cost. Get at least three rates from three different joiners.


If you are looking for something truly original to add to your home, then you should hire a joiner to help you create a beautiful new look. Most everything bought in stores looks the same and has no originality. Hiring a joiner can bring something new, unique, and vibrant to your home without all of the store-bought blandness.
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