Common Problem Areas in Garage Systems

by | May 4, 2017 | Garage Doors

The garage is an important yet often overlooked part of many modern homes today. Knowing what some of the main problems areas of the garage system are can help you maintain your system and keep it working at peak capacity for longer. When it comes to garage door repairs in Pontypridd, here are some of the key areas to keep an eye on:

The tracks: These are the grooved metal trough-like pieces that run along the wall that the garage door slides along as it opens and closes. If it gets dirty or damaged it can cause the door to stick or slip.

The motor: The power supply that moves the door up and down and responds to the messages delivered to it by the remotes it is important to follow the recommended maintenance schedule for your motor!

The battery: Some garage systems have a backup battery supply that will kick in during a power outage- allowing you to come in or go out a time or two while the power is out so you can get help if needed.

The sensor: When you use the remotes to open or close the door the signal is picked up and intercepted by the sensor. General cleaning and repair is needed to keep the sensor functioning properly and reliably.

The remote: Many problems with garage doors not working properly comes down to issues with the remote. Thankfully it is easy to fix most remotes and is fairly inexpensive to replace them as well.

The springs: Springs help maintain the speed and support of the garage door and over time they can stretch out and even break causing a catastrophic failure of the garage systems if they are not replaced in time.

The door panels: The panels themselves take a lot of abuse and become dented and damaged over time and it is important to get the fixed sooner rather than later before they mess up the tracks, springs, or other components.

The ball bearings: There are ball bearings in the gears of the motors and chains that control the movement of the door and when they become damaged, worn, or too dirty they can stick so routine maintenance is a must!

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