How to ensure your Alarm System is Operational

by | May 4, 2017 | Security System Supplier

Accidents at the workplace and at home can be prevented by taking precautions to guard against them. One of the precautions you can take is to install a fire alarm system to protect against adverse fire damages. Installing fire alarms in Plymouth should be accompanied by regular follow up to make sure the system is operational at all times. Since the system is seldom used, if the system developed some problem it would be tricky to identify. This is risky because even if you had an emergency, the system would not help yet it’s already installed.

Understand your system

To make sure your system is always in good shape, you need to come up with a fire maintenance checklist for your system. As you create the checklist, you need to understand your system. Contact a certified fire alarm specialist to carry out an audit on your system. The audit should reveal the maintenance requirements for your system.

Common problems

Every fire system experiences its own set of problems but there are three common problems that are common in all systems. The first challenge is brought by the location of the system. If the system is located in a dusty, greasy or smoky place, the pollutants are likely to affect the system negatively. The second issue is the state of the back-up batteries. Make sure they are well maintained at all times. The last one is the power source for the fire alarms in Plymouth. Make it a routine to ensure the power source is working well and connected to the system at all times.

Testing the system

Part of the testing includes a live testing where the occupants of the building get a chance to practice how they would escape from the building were there to be fire in the building. As you test the system, press some of the most important buttons like the sound system to make sure that they are working well.

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