Choosing the right garage to have your car serviced

by | Mar 25, 2016 | Wheels & Tyres

There can be few people who look forward to having to take their vehicle in for a service. For a start, the cost of a service is often more than you budgeted for. Then there are the endless stories that circulate about how expensive repairs were carried out, when it later transpired that many of these could have been avoided. For anyone who isn’t a ‘petrol-head’ and who doesn’t know engines, it can be an anxious time. You might feel that you’re beholden to the opinion of the technician as to what needs to be done, and that you wouldn’t be any the wiser whether the job was necessary, or was even completed properly.

These stories might still hold true in some cases, but they probably hearken back to a time when it was possible for a garage to concoct a story – and, doubtless, some did. However, these days, having car servicing in Torquay is very different. Computerisation is a factor in most workshops so, instead of having someone busily searching beneath the bonnet of your car, it’s likely that your engine will be hooked up to a machine. Thus, a print-out is generated, and you will know for sure that certain work needs to be done. In any case, having this kind of diagnostic tool greatly reduces the man-hours required to check on every aspect of your engine, so the cost of the service might well be reduced.

Arranging for car servicing in Torquay

Apart from the cost of a service, it’s often the inconvenience that people complain about. This is where having a reliable service close to your home will be important, and then you can be dropped off at home and collected when your car is ready. If you’ve been conducting regular services, the chances are that the work on your vehicle will be routine, and you’ll have the car back by the end of the day.

You would be advised to find a reliable garage to partner with and, if you remain in the area, it’s always a good idea to take your vehicle to the same place for its regular services. This way, the technicians can see the service history, and will be able to keep accurate records of everything that has been done to your vehicle.

Most businesses are careful to protect their reputations

In this Internet-drive age, any bad customer service is quickly communicated, so all business, including garages, are careful to provide the best customer service they can, and to fix any problems rapidly. You’ll be able to check on your chosen partner to see if any negative comments have been posted. You’ll also be able to reassure yourself if you see that the business has many satisfied clients.

If you are looking for a reliable business for car servicing in Torquay, you should contact Monnington Motors Ltd. They have well trained technicians and an established reputation of excellence.

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