If you have not looked at oil boilers in Newport in a while you may want to take a second look. In many instances oil boilers are the best option for heating but they tend to have a bad reputation when it comes to energy efficiency. While it may be true that the older boilers did seemingly waste a lot of fuel, today’s oil boilers are a horse of a different colour. The move to improve energy efficiency in oil boilers has been quite the push. Using less fuel to get at least the same amount of heat has been a primary focus of engineers for the last decade. By improving the efficiency of these types of boilers there is a decrease in waste and reduction in the carbon footprint of residences that are utilizing the newer oil boilers.

The Construction

Today a lot of thought goes into what makes a boiler efficient and how construction of the boiler affects the efficiency. The changes to boiler construction have been huge in some areas and have been as simple adding a damper to the flue that can close when the boiler is not running to prevent heat loss. Research on everything from using oxygen more efficiently to figuring out how to burn less oil has become the forefront of changes in construction. The goal of most oil boiler manufacturers is to improve their products to stay competitive by increasing the energy efficiency. You can visit here to get more information.

Look for things like:

* Double wall construction

* The right size for your space

* Flue control features

What Does All This Mean to You

In many cases where gas mains are not available or where you are trying to heat a large space, oil boilers are really the best choice. Until the last decade oil boilers were not necessarily known for providing very many options for efficient operation. All of the research, development and resulting construction changes have increased the output of oil boilers and decreased the waste that has long been associated with them. If you have not considered an oil boiler because of the negative information regarding efficiency there is no better time to take a look at them. Get some expert advice and guidance on which boilers are best suited to your needs and you may be very surprised by what you can save. The right oil boilers offer a great way to heat any space, efficiency and cost savings!

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