Choosing Fascias & Soffits in North Wales for Your Home Renovation

by | Nov 12, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

If you are in the process of enhancing the home with a new roof, you will need to get in touch with a professional roofing company. Sometimes, a complete replacement will be necessary, particularly if your old fascias & soffits in North Wales are beyond repair or slightly rotten. To save yourself the time and hassle of choosing between overcaps or complete replacements, check out the following frequently asked questions.

Over capping and Replacements – What’s the Difference?

Don’t let the terms over capping and replacements confuse you, because they are very different. If your original fascias aren’t too damaged you can get over capping placed on the top. This type of fascia will usually be around 9mm thick and will shield what is underneath. If the damage is too much, 16-18mm of solid and sturdy fascia will be applied to the roof. This is a better option because it will last longer, but will cost slightly more. Some of the tiles underneath may need to be removed first for replacements, so labour costs might be higher.

Does Material Quality Differ?

There is no real difference in the quality of the fascias & soffits in North Wales you choose. The only real difference is the thickness, but most companies will recommend an entire replacement, because you can expect a better return on investment. Consider finding a company that is willing to cover your roof with a 10 year guarantee or something similar, because this will protect your finances in the event of a problem. To prevent water leaks, it’s advisable to get felt strips or plastic drips fitted underneath the existing tile, as this will act as a barrier against water.

What Protection is Necessary?

The type of added protection you require for your roof will depend on its quality. Some older roofs will not be resistant to UV rays and this means that when faced with the sun’s rays, the chances of it decomposing increases. The person installing new fascias & soffits in North Wales will likely fit protection in the form of waves, felt strips or plastic drips, so that water is diverted and does not accumulate on top of the roof. Water pooling can cause the roof to become damaged prematurely, so bear this in mind when considering protection.

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