Caravan Sales in Ashford – Top Tips for Buying a Used Caravan

by | Nov 12, 2014 | Business & Industrial

If you are a parent and want to broaden your kid’s horizons, you might have thought about investing in a caravan. A caravan is a brilliant investment for anyone who wants to gain insights into new places, meet new people and embark on cross-country adventures whenever the moment strikes! If you take the time to shop wisely at caravan sales in Ashford, you could find a motorhome that lasts for many years. What’s more, you can avoid overspending and find an RV with all of the features you desire.

The Size

How many people will be using the caravan on a regular basis? What will you be using it for? These are two questions you must ask yourself when deciding on the size, because the larger the motorhome, the more cooking facilities, washing facilities, seating space and storage space it will have. Remember that a commercial tow may be required if the caravan is wider than 2.3 metres, so bear this in mind when making a purchase. An awning is a great additional feature if you want to enjoy more living space without the caravan being too much heavier than its kerb weight.

The Seller

A private seller won’t have as much knowledge on caravans as a professional dealer will, which means you could bag a bargain. However, a private seller will also be unaware of any problems with a used motorhome, making caravan sales in Ashford through a dealer a safer option. Make sure the dealer has good reviews and sells a wide range of caravans, and consider offering the seller a payment method there and then, so that you can drive the caravan away for a good price.

The Condition

It’s vital that you view the caravan during daylight hours, because you could miss an underlying problem if you inspect it in the night. First things first, check for damp, before inspecting the doors and windows for mould and broken seals. The seals should have a watertight fit, and the chassis and running gear should not be corroded in any way. Make sure the gas and electrics work properly too, because a faulty system could contribute to road-related accidents. Signs of DIY work on the electric system is not good, so pay attention.

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