Causes of Garage Door Spring Damage

by | Jun 13, 2023 | Garage Doors

Garage door spring does the most work when it comes to opening or closing a door. A garage door cannot open or close if the spring is broken. An immediate garage door repairs is needed if the spring breaks to allow you to continue using your garage.

You need to have information on what a spring is, what damages it and how it can be fixed to avoid being stuck with a damaged garage door spring. What are the common causes of torsion spring damages?

* Rust – When your spring is invaded by rust, you should lubricate the spring otherwise you will end up repairing it. Rust weakens the coil by increasing the friction as it moves on top of the material that has been corroded by rust. Spray a lubricant at least four times in a year to prevent rust from building up.

 * Wear and tear – Most garage door springs are rated to remain strong for about 10,000 cycles. A cycle is when the garage door opens and closes. 10,000 cycles are not many considering that you spend 2 cycles every day; as you leave the garage and when you return the car in the garage. If more than one person is using the garage, then you may end up spending the 10,000 in one years’ time. If you use the garage a lot, consider buying torsion with an extended lifespan. The springs last four times more and they only cost twice as much.

 * Improper maintenance – When you carry out routine maintenance on your garage door, you prolong its life. The routine also alerts you on the condition of the spring and when it is almost time to replace the spring. Maintenance gives you time to plan for garage door repairs in South Wales in good time.

Unplanned garage door repairs in south Wales are inconveniencing but you can avoid them by carrying out regular maintenance on your door. Contact our professionals at Access Garage Doors to book a routine garage door maintenance service or for more information.

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