Being a property owner has its perks, from the privacy you gain to the feeling of independence you get when you are handed the keys. Although living in your own home is an exciting time, there are certain responsibilities that come with being a homeowner. One is the regular upkeep and maintenance that is required. No matter where you live or when your property was constructed, there is always a chance that you may deal with condensation, woodworm, damp and dry rot, among many other issues. Don’t freak out at the thought of this because when you get wall ties in Eastbourne for a cavity wall insulation project, future problems can be avoided.

Standard Wall Ties

These types of wall ties in Eastbourne are used for the majority of construction projects that use timber, bricks, concrete, stone and blocks, among many other building materials. Versatile and available in various sizes and lengths, they are normally used for connecting masonry to particular parts, beams and columns. Crafted with stainless steel, they are good thermal conductors and comply with all relevant standards. Sizes usually range from 200 mm-300 mm, and the smaller the cavity, the smaller the length of the standard wall ties.

Cavity Wall Ties

When cavity wall insulation is being completed by an experienced professional, cavity wall ties in Eastbourne will be used to join the internal and external walls together. These specially crafted ties are designed to span the cavity to a certain extent, which stops water transfer and damage to the inner and outer leafs. Fungus formation or water damage may occur if installation is not completed properly, which is why it is so important to focus on quality when buying cavity wall ties from a respected company.

Remedial Wall Ties

An integral element in the stability of masonry panels, remedial wall ties are usually manufactured with galvanised mild steel. This steel is a good choice because it does not corrode for 15-20 years. When you purchase remedial wall ties in Eastbourne you should prepare for replacements because when corrosion occurs, the ties will expand. As they expand, the mortar joints in the brickwork will crack, which could result in costly repairs. Unless the issue is dealt with, you may be left paying for the repair of collapsed or damaged walls.

The Cavitytech Systems Ltd team boast more than 25 years of experience providing replacement wall ties in Eastbourne for all kinds of home renovation projects.