The endless benefits of using glass

by | Mar 28, 2016 | Glazing

Glass-making is one of the skills that mankind has been mastering for endless centuries. In fact, the first known record of glass was in Mesopotamia and that was round about the 4th century BC. Early versions of glass were fairly primitive and even up until the 19th century glass had many imperfections so that the view through a window appeared distorted. Over the past century, glass-making has improved dramatically and glass is now being used in ever-increasing ways for building and décor.

If you notice how many high-rise buildings and high-tech blocks of flats now have glass facades, you will realize how popular glass has become. Glass lets in the light and provides excellent views, which makes you feel as though you’re part of your environment, while being protected from the elements. Almost every building is making increasing use of glass, with even bricks of glass being used for their ability to let light through.

Looking at some of the uses of glass in Guildford

Obviously we all tend to think of windows first when looking at the uses of glass, but now glass doors and conservatories made entirely of glass are increasingly present. With the invention of safety glass, homes can now use more of this product without worrying about household accidents. Glass allows for some privacy but also creates a flow in a home. In many modern décor magazines you might see that a common trend in master suites is to separate the bathroom from the bedroom using only glass as a barrier. If the glass is made slightly opaque, this also allows for light to flood into the bathroom. Glass also helps a room to feel larger, and light lifts the spirits of those who inhabit the home.

Glass tiles are becoming increasingly popular in Guildford homes, and counter tops in kitchens and bathrooms are also very utilitarian if they are of toughened glass. Glass doesn’’ tend to absorb liquids in the way that some tiles do, so it is often considered as a hygienic alternative. This glass now comes in a variety of colours and is considered to be very durable. You can click here to know more.

Mirrors are another large part of the usage of glass, as they are simply glass that has an opaque backing attached to it. Shower doors are often made of safety glass and even balustrades for staircases can be made of glass. There is almost no limit to the functions of glass, and the days of using this material only for windows are long gone.

There are endless ways you can make use of glass in your Guildford home. Contact Allways Glazing Works Ltd for all your glass needs.

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