Why You Should Purchase Mixed On Site Concrete As Opposed To Ready Mixed Alternatives

by | Apr 8, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Many people purchase ready mixed concrete because they feel as though it’s faster and more affordable. Concrete is made from cement, aggregates, water and admixtures. With ready mixed concrete, this is carefully measured out and mixed prior to the delivery. For some this is a very efficient way to get the job done, there are no waiting times and you don’t need to wait for the mix to blend properly. The problem with ready mixed concrete is that you can’t order more without stalling your project. You’d have to wait for the vehicle to return with another batch, and this can be very time consuming. Another problem with ready mixed concrete is that you have to use the mix they provide you. You can’t use one mix of concrete in one area and another in the next. Everything is preset for you, and this can limit flexibility when it comes to your home project.

Benefits of Using Mixed On Site Concrete

Mixed on site concrete is very beneficial to those who want flexibility when designing their project. Because the concrete is mixed on site, you can pour as much concrete as you want in a day. There are unwanted journeys back to the mixing plant, because if you need more, you simply add more to the vehicles mixer. Another benefit of using mixed on site concrete is that you can make each batch of concrete different. This is great for those who are doing home projects, because you could have one type of concrete for the flags, another for the flower bed and another for the pathway.

Volumetric Mixers

A quality provider of concrete & cement in Hertfordshire will use volumetric mixers to get the perfect blend. You don’t need to stand over a mixer guessing the amount and everything is done with remarkable consistency. This allows you to get the most concrete out of each batch, as well as getting the perfect mix. You can change the consistency of your concrete at any time, so you can get your entire project concreted in a single session without hiring multiple trucks or mixers. Whether you’re designing a home project or simply improving the look of your garden, mix on site concrete is certainly the way to go if you want top results from your concrete mix.

Concrete Express is a top provider of mix on site concrete & cement in Hertfordshire. Their concrete is mixed by using volumetric mixers, to give their users a great mix every time.

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