Why You Should Invest In Energy Efficient Double Glazed Windows

by | Apr 22, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Double glazed windows can do a lot for your homes energy efficiency, not to mention that they can also add extra security to your home. Double glazing uses two panes of glass. An inert gas such as Argon or Krypton is then used to fill the gap between the panes, making the glass very good at insulating. A drying agent is then used to make sure that no moisture can enter the room, so no fogging or misting occurs on the windows. The main reason why people invest in double glazed windows is because they believe that it can work wonders when it comes to your energy bill. Some experts believe that between 25%-50% of heat leaves the room through the windows, and this is something you want to avoid at all times when it comes to your energy bill. Some experts also believe that 28% of carbon dioxide emission is down to family homes, and double glazing can help to cut down on this number by insulating the home and protecting the environment from further destruction.

Security and Intruders

Many people also choose to install double glazing in Farnham because it helps to increase the security of your home. It is a known fact that intruders normally gain access to a home through the windows. Double glazing helps to prevent this by strengthening the windows as well as deterring the criminals. Another thing you need to think about when improving the security of your home is the frame. Frames are normally made from aluminium, hardwood or PVC. Your frames can play a large part in your homes security, so it is always important that you discuss this with your window provider before you make your final decision.

Noise Pollution

Another great thing about double glazed windows is that they help to reduce the noise pollution coming from your home. You don’t need to worry about your neighbours as much, and this is great for those who regularly play loud music or a musical instrument. Double glazed windows can be installed into just about any type of frame, so you can always match it into your homes appearance without any worry at all. Many providers will also install the window for you, giving you the utmost security from your new investment.

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