Why Get a Stairlift For Your Home?

by | Jun 12, 2023 | Stairlifts

Illness or physical disability can render you unable to climb stairs in your own home this can become frustrating for you. After all, your home is a comfort zone and it is important that you are completely free to move around despite any ailment. This also leaves you with a dependence on other care givers or family members for mobility. Though the problem of not being able to climb stairs can become a limitation, it is not impossible. There is a solution for you and that is getting a stairlift for your home. Having a straight stairlift will give you your independence back and you will be able to move around your home safely. You can find quality straight stairlifts in Devon that is provided by a well-known stairlift company.

Different Types of Straight Stairlifts

There are different types of straight stairlifts. Therefore, you want to consult with a professional engineer that has experience and knowledge of each type of stairlift. Getting advice and recommendations from an expert will help you decide which straight stairlift will be better for you. An engineer will discuss with you all the different makes and models of straight stairlifts they have to offer and they will explain the features and how they function. Since each straight stairlift is different from one another the options will also differ such as some chairs will be equipped with a joystick or buttons, the seat will be regular or swivel, and you have the choice of rechargeable batteries or DC power.

Services Offered by Engineers

Professional engineers offer many services for you. They will install your straight stairlift quickly and efficiently. After they are finished they will test the product to make sure it functions as it is supposed to. Engineers will then discuss with you how to operate your product. If at any time you have a problem you can contact them 24/7 because there is always an engineer on standby. There is a one year warranty on new straight stairlifts after the warranty expires you have the choice of extended the warranty for up to five years or you can opt for a service contact. If you would like more information about straight stairlifts, contact A2b Stairlifts Ltd today by visiting their website.

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